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Gut Renew {30-Day Leaky Gut Healing Protocol}

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So, you're tired of feeling sick, run-down, and being on the continual search for the magic bullet to heal and feel better? 

I get it - I was there almost a decade ago before I knew anything about how the body works and what it needs.

While there is not a true magic bullet for healing your chronic symptoms, there are some powerful, proven, natural protocols that work time and time again for sustainable healing for my clients. 

Since your digestive system is foundational to your overall wellness, it's crucial to tackle healing your leaky gut first - above all else.

The Gut Renew 30-Day Leaky Gut Healing Protocol will help you feel energetic, healthy and hopeful again. You will literally get your life back. You know - the life you lay in bed at night wishing you had....

Follow the 7 step leaky gut healing protocol to remit your deblitating:

  • fatigue
  • skin issues
  • digestive upset
  • autoimmune symptoms

What's Included

  • 7-Step Healing Plan {with food recommendations and a supplement guide}
  • Build a Plate System (Whole Food Guidance)
  • Foods to Include and Foods to Avoid
  • In-Depth Food Quality Education
  • Grain, Nut & Seed Soaking and Sprouting Guide
  • Deep Dive into 22 Essential Oils to use for Gut Healing with Recipes
  • 30-Day Leaky Gut Healing Protocol {which can be tailored to 3, 4, 5 months or more.}
  • Food, Mood, Poop Journal
  • Troubleshooting Guide
  • 35 Referenced Scientific Studies on These Natural Healing Protocols


    This protocol is given free to students of the Gut Renew online course.


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