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QUEST Bundle (Choose From 4 Bundles That Include 3-4 Topical Modules Each}

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Writing Scripture is powerful and it grew my faith like no devotional ever could.

Did you know that in order to get healthy, you have to focus on your spiritual and emotional health too? In fact, if you do all the right things physically to heal (like food, toxins, etc.) but you don't address your spiritual and emotional health, you won't heal?

It's pretty incredible.

In order to help you stay grounded in Christ, I created the QUEST program.

QUEST will guide you to:

  • Transform your quiet times from distracted and empty to rich and meaningful.
  • Establish a daily Bible study routine that you look forward to.
  • Grow in the knowledge and understanding of WHO God is and who you are in Him.
  • Become more purposeful with the short amount of time you have to study God’s Word.
  • Heal spiritually and emotionally so you can defeat chronic illness.

With QUEST you will write Scripture on specific topics of your choosing for 6 days a week, and four weeks at a time. You can also dive deeper with the journaling prompts.

Choose from 4 Different Bundles That Each Contain 3-4 Topical Modules

The Topics that are included in QUEST Bundles are:

BUNDLE 1: Tame the Tongue, Get Wisdom, God’s Promises
BUNDLE 2: Conquer Your Pride & Idols, Grace and a Transformed Life, Encouragement in the Midst of Pain and Suffering
BUNDLE 3: Finding Peace and Rest, Conquer Your Fear, The Names of God
BUNDLE 4: God’s Faithfulness, Your Identity in Christ, Overcome Unforgiveness, Your Ultimate Healing


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